Embroidery Machine WiFi / Wireless Design File Transfer Upgrade

Embroidery Machine WiFi Device.  Wireless transfer of embroidery designs and files.
Embroidery Machine WiFi Device. Wireless transfer of embroidery designs and files.

The USB to WiFi device can be installed on most all embroidery machines on the market, giving the operator the ability to wirelessly send embroidery designs to all the machines in the embroidery factory.  This is the easy way to transfer files to your embroidery machine!

Upgrade your embroidery machine to wireless!

With the USB to WiFi device, you can wirelessly transfer embroidery designs and files to your embroidery equipment.  The USB to WiFi will work on any embroidery machine with USB compatibility.  ***Don't have USB on your embroidery equipment?  See below for alternative options!

Break away from cables or USB sticks and move to wireless!  No more 'SneakerNet'

The USB to WIFI device plugs in directly to the USB port on your embroidery equipment.  There are no drivers or software to install on the machine.  Once the stick is in the device, your embroidery machine will read off the stick as if it is a regular USB memory stick.  However, via your existing WiFi network, all designs that the embroidery machine will be reading, will be coming from a remote PC directory.  No need to carry USB sticks or floppy disks from machine to PC!

***Don't have a USB on your embroidery machine?  Upgrade your embroidery equipment by upgrading the Floppy Drive to a USB drive or, by purchasing an external USB reader. 

  • Floppy To USB converter - Converts/Replaces the Floppy drive with a USB reader.
  • Embroidery Black Box - Replaces external readers such as tape readers or floppy drive readers with a sleek USB reader.  These are generally used for machines without floppy drives.

This device works on Tajima, Barudan, Bernina, Brother, ZSK, Janome, Highland, Prodigi, Butterfly, Ricoma, Toyota, Melco, SWF or any other embroidery machine that has a USB port or can be upgraded to read USB sticks (Floppy To USB or Embroidery Black Box).   Each and every embroidery format such as Tajima DST, Melco EXP, etc can wirelessly be transmitted to the embroidery machine USB port.